MAY 19-21, 2018

2018/05/19 09:00:00

"love life, love travel, love road trip" is the theme of our exhibition. We will build a professional platform in this exhibition, where we will provide opportunities for exhibitors to display products, sale and communicate with the industry manufacturers. We will invite well-known automobile, RV, outdoor, camping equipment, tourism bureau, attractions, resorts, campgrounds, tourism, real estate, travel agencies, clubs, industry websites, etc..Our exhibition is supported by local government, domestic and foreign Tourism, Tourism Industry Association, China Federation of Camping& Caravanning, China Road-trip Association, Combined mechanism of Chinese automobile culture industry, China Road-trip federation, the Union of China Automobile Association, Shanghai Car-club federation, etc.


Review the last year, the third Road-trip expo was successfully concluded in China Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center, which lasted five days, an exhibition area of nearly 24, 000 square meters, attracted by RV travel enthusiasts near 30000 people, during the same period RV camping show also exhibited sucessfully. The third RT expo created a new highlight history in all aspects, such as show's size, grade, influence, number of visitors, media attention. In the third exp, RV camping activity gathered more than 20 car brands, hundreds of styles. And the organizing committee of the many exhibitors at the show arranged a series of events, there are RV camping experience, new car launches, RV camping development salon, car lines and outdoor equipments sale, tourism property Food Festival, etc., while the tourism arena promotion, music and dancing, Cars catwalk, RT fashion girls, photography seminars, on-site activities such as sweepstakes to win the audience applause, cheers continued.


As an RT industry event, in the previous show we invited Xinhua News Agency, SMG, Shanghai TV, Shanghai Traffic Radio, Jiangsu Radio and Television, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, Jiading broadcasters, Xinmin Evening News, Morning News, China Travel reported that The Donkey Mother, Chinese Camping Net, Camping China, Travel Times, Chexun Wang, RV and Camping, Car Trip, The Pacific Automotive Network, Love Cards Car, Easy Car Network, Dashen Network, LONDON, Shanghai Hotline, etc. 200 media had multi-angle, all-round media coverage on the show.


We sincerely invite you and your company to participate in this exhibition, where you can carry out promotion, all-round display of products, and consumers up close,  enhance the visibility and market influence of you and your company's products。We will try to do everything for your service, I believe that far-reaching market value of this exhibition will give your and your organization's brand and sales.

Exhibition Scale


RV Related

RV Production and Modification Enterprises, RV Sales Enterprises, Sport Recreation Vehicle Related Enterprises, Domestic, Import Self-Propelled, Trailers RV, Hut


Self-driving Scenery Spots & Route

Domestic and Foreign Tourism Bureau, Scenic Area & Sports, Tourism Electronic Commerce Platform, Hotels, Resorts, Golf Course, Travel Agency, Tourism Media, Airline companies, Joyous Farmers' Houses, Fairground, etc.


Compgrounds, Camping Sites

Some Campgrounds at Home and Abroad, Camp Spots & Areas, Construction Planning and Design Institutes, Investment and Financing Mechanism, etc.


Outdoor Gears

Tents, Sleeping Bags, Moisture-Proof Pads, The Hammock, Folding Tables and Chairs, Barbecue, Picnic Bags, Barbecue Stoves, Shower Boxes, Water Bags, ATV, Trailers, Motor Boats, Water Sports Equipments, Flight Equipments, etc.


The Whole Car

Cross Country Vehicles, Recreation Vehicles, Vehicles, Used Vehicles, Motorcycle, Car Rental, Car Accessories, Automobile Decorative Beauty, Car Insurance, The Auto Clubs, Road Trip Clubs, Self-driving Tour Equipments of Motorcycles, Motorcycles Self-driving Clubs, Car Audio, etc.


World Travel Products & Cuisine

Characteristics of Tourism Products, Various Specialties of World Cuisine.

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Exhibition Activities

Location Detail

Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center

Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center is invested by the Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai International Automobile City Development Co., Ltd, it was completed and put into use before the end of 2005. The project is the Shanghai International Automobile City of the important functions of the project, the focus of the project is the Shanghai municipal government to build the strategic position of the center of the automotive industry in China and the Asia Pacific region.


  • Address

    No.7575, Boyuan road, Jiading region, Shanghai, China

  • Subway

    Taking NO.11 line from urban district to “ Shanghai Automobile City Station” getting off at NO.1 exit, the free car is waiting for you.

  • Self-Driving

    Driving from urban district Wuning G2 Beijing-Shanghai expressway down to “Anting Auto City Exit”, go north to Jimo Road then turn right is the exhibition.


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